Tinkebell: Amy Taxidermy / Interview with Tinkebell

The “No Holds Barred” section of Art Amsterdam art fair is a special sector that allows maximum freedom of presentation. The only criterion is that the artwork has to fit a 25 square meter space. One of the projects on show at Art Amsterdam 2011 was Dutch artist Tinkebell’s installation “On Amy Taxidermy – From a True Fan”, presented by Torch Gallery, Amsterdam.

On the opening day of the fair we had the chance to meet with Tinkebell and speak with her about the project that she started in 2003 and basically tells the story of a little girl who developed a passion for taxidermy.

Over a span of 10 years, Tinkebell bought mounted animals from Amy, who sold the animals on eBay. At the booth of Torch Gallery, both the taxidermied animals are on display as well as images from Amy’s blog. The project provides insight into a unique subculture.

Interview with Tinkebell at Art Amsterdam 2011. Amsterdam / Netherlands, May 11, 2011.

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For the 2011 edition of “No Holds Barred” section, the jury had to select from 79 artists that have submitted proposals for the presentation. The jury consisted of collector Albert Groot, curator Christiane Rekade, and critic Nicolai Strí¸m-Olsen. The twelve winners were:

Gluklya (Anya Stonelake / White Space Gallery), UK; Sanne Oorthuizen (Artipoli Art Gallery), The Netherlands; Olaf Mooij (BuroDijkstra Art Gallery), The Netherlands; Jiao Xingtao (Canvas International Art), The Netherlands; Bayrol Jimenez (Dukan & Hourdequin), France; Birgit Verwer (Livingstone Gallery), The Netherlands; Femke Schaap (Metis_NL),The Netherlands; Jetske Verhoeven (PARC Editions), The Netherlands; Tinkebell (TORCH) The Netherlands;Pascal Rousson (Vegas Gallery), UK; Henriette Pedersen (Galleri Maria Veie), Norway; Simon Gush (West), The Netherlands.

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