VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 21: Sosad

VTV PDF Mag No. 21

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 21, February 2012.

The topics of VernissageTV’s PDF Magazin No. 21 are: Lee Sharrock reviews the Lucian Freud exhibition Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in London; the solo exhibitions with Sarah Sze and Børre Sæthre at Mudam Luxembourg; Art Stage Singapore 2012; the Michel Majerus retrospective at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart; and the Velux Stiftung Daylight Award Winners Gigon / Guyer and Peter Märkli.

Artists in this issue: Sarah Sze, Børre Sæthre, Peter Märkli, Gigon Guyer Architects, Lucian Freud, Michel Majerus.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (25 MB).

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