New VernissageTV website


After months of work behind the scenes, we have launched our new website – we hope you like it!

We started VernissageTV in 2005 when the world wide video was 320 x 240 pixels. Today, we are already talking about 4k. The new website is ready for that, as the player window got bigger, and everything else smaller. We kept things that have been proven and popular: The homepage with the overview of the latest videos, the Art TV page, and the archive pages.

Another thing that has changed since 2005 is the number of different devices you use to watch our videos. That’s why we have made the new website responsive, it adapts to the size of the screen, whether you watch our videos on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, giving you always the best possible experience.

We have a huge archive of over 2,200 videos. It was enormous effort to make all posts and videos compatible to the new layout – and it still is. Since we are a very small team, we don’t have the resources to make all changes at once. So if you encounter posts that have no preview image: please just click on the title and you can watch the video. But be assured, we are working on it.

So, the new website is up, please let us know what you think. Thanks a lot for your continued support!

Karolina, Geoff, Heinrich

PS: Thanks to Felix (RichWP) for the basic WordPress template, and Peter Krummenacher (k-webs) who helped us getting it done.

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