Claudia Jaguaribe: Fotografias / Stiftung Brasilea, Basel

Until 3 March, the Brasilea Foundation in Basel (Switzerland) presents works by the Brazilian artist Claudia Jaguaribe. Jaguaribe’s work deals with the influences of the urban metropolises on the rural environment. She uses photographic techniques, video installations and documentary work. Her exhibition in Basel is spread over three floors of the Brasilea Foundation. On the basement level she installed a large mural that shows pure nature with covered areas that represent deforestation. On the raised ground floor the focus is on the urbanity of the city of Rio de Janeiro under the aspect of the relationship between urban space and nature (series Entre Morros and Topografias). The series Homenagem a Hélio shows material from the favelas that were transformed into sculptures. Cactoceae is a series of photos of cacti that serve as a critique of global warming and the result from the desertification of brazilian landscape. On the first floor the series Bibliotecas presents photographies of book spines that are covered by images of forests and serve as an allusion to the memory of the preservable forest.

Claudia Jaguaribe was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1955. She studied History of Arts at the Boston University, USA. The artist lives and works in Sao Paulo.

Claudia Jaguaribe: Fotografias. Solo exhibition at Stiftung Brasilea, Basel (Switzerland). January 21, 2016.

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