Art Basel 2017 Unlimited

Curated by New York-based curator Gianni Jetzer, Unlimited is Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art-show stand, including massive sculpture and paintings, video projections, large-scale installations, and live performances.

This year’s Art Basel Unlimited features works by Jenny Holzer, Otto Piene, FORT, Chris Burden, Sue Williamson, Peter Regli, Stan VanDerBeek, Peter Stämpfli, Paolo Icaro, Sylvie Fleury, Tony Smith, John Baldessari, Cildo Meireles, Jason Rhoades, Julio Le Parc, Donna Huanca, Subodh Gupta, Song Dong, and many others.

Art Basel 2017 Unlimited. Basel (Switzerland), June 13, 2017.

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Complete video (22:08 min.):

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