Coachella Walls

One of the parallel projects of the Desert X biennial 2019 in the Coachella valley in California is the Coachella Walls project. Coachella Walls is an arts-driven community revitalization project in downtown Coachella’s Historic Pueblo Viejo District. It is produced by artist Armando Lerma (who is also participating in Desert X 2019) and curator Medvin Sobio, and supported by the City of Coachella. Currently the walls feature works by Armando Lerma, Armando Lerma Studio (with Albert Reyes), Sego, Said Dokins, Adrian Takano, El Mac, Cache, Vyal Reyes, Lapiztola, Andrew Hem, Mata Ruda, and Ricardo Angeles Mendoza.

Coachella Walls, Coachella Historic Pueblo Viejo District, February 25, 2019.

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