Desert X Biennial 2019: Armando Lerma

Armando Lerma (b. 1975) creates paintings, constructions, and installations reflecting the lives and traditions of the Mexican farmworker community in his hometown of Coachella. He produces the Coachella Walls project in downtown Coachella’s Historic Pueblo Viejo District. For Desert X 2019 Lerma painted a mural on a 32-foot-tall water tank in Coachella. His artwork, titled Visit Us in the Shape of Clouds, includes various images from the American Southwest and beyond such as snakes, birds, parrots, fish, monkeys, seashells, plants, flowers, and rock art. He selected these images to illustrate a story of migration and the transitory.

Desert X Biennial: Armando Lerma: Visit Us in the Shape of Clouds. Coachella, February 24, 2019.

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