Kunst – Licht: Martin Kammler and Onorio Mansutti at Sarasin Art, Basel

Galerie Sarasin Art in Basel is currently showing an exhibition entitled Art – Light, which presents two artists: Martin Kammler and Onorio Mansutti. Martin Kammler is an artist who paints his emotions on canvas and Onorio Mansutti is a photographer who plays with letters to depict quotes from writers and poets as light installations. This video provides you with an exhibition walkthrough and interviews with Martin Kammler and Onorio Mansutti.

Martin Kammler paints his pictures both swingingly dancing and slowly and deliberately. His paintings are inspired by Hermann Hesse’s Narziss and Goldmund, where Narziss searches for the logical and scientific and Goldmund is an artist. In this way, stricter forms and playful elements come together. In the series Face yourself Martin Kammler deals with what our eyes constantly perceive. Actually there is always chaos around us and yet our mind tries to find meaning in it. If we look at a human face, we perceive changed situations again and again, which are reflected in our face.

Onorio Mansutti combines photography, typography and literature in his works. Photographs of letters taken arbitrarily in the streets are turned into texts and quotations from his favorite poets and writers. These Lettrographies illuminate his life philosophies.

Martin Kammler is inspired by Hermann Hesse’s figures and Onorio Mansutti uses quotations from his favorite authors. Literature influences the performing arts, art and light thus stimulate each other.

The exhibition Kunst – Licht: Martin Kammler and Onorio Mansutti at Sarasin Art in Basel (Switzerland) runs until June 22, 2019.

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