Michèle Magema: Artiste femme – Muasi Mubali Performance/Lecture at Museum Rietberg, Zürich

This is an excerpt of Congolese-French artist Michèle Magema’s performance/lecture as part of the public program Congo Remix at Museum Rietberg in Zürich, Switzerland.

Congo Remix is a public program within the temporary exhibition Congo as Fiction – Art Worlds between Past and Present at Museum Rietberg, Zürich. Congo Remix offers a varied programme consisting of lectures by leading experts, performances by trendsetting artists, musicians, writers, and sapeurs. Michèle Magema is one of the artists.

Michèle Magema was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in 1977. She is a Congolese-French video, performance, and photography artist. Michèle Magema lives and works near Paris. She is one of the few Congolese women artists and is, consequently, committed to empowering women in art. In her video works and installations, she addresses the long history of exploitation and oppression on the African continent, with special focus on the interdependence of violence, corruption, and the exploitation of natural resources in her home country. In her new work Evolve she sets the history of her own family during the colonial era in relation to Hans Himmelheber’s photographs. Michèle Magema has participated in numerous shows, including Africa Remix and Global Feminism (Brooklyn Museum); her oeuvre is represented in a range of international museums and collections.

Michèle Magema: Artiste femme – Muasi Mubali. Performance/Lecture at Museum Rietberg in Zürich (Switzerland) as part of the project Kongo Remix. Zürich, Switzerland, February 29, 2020

This video is an excerpt, the complete video is available on the website of Museum Rietberg, where you will also find a reading with Fiston Mwanza Mujila, a performance by David Shongo, and Sapologie, a performance with live music.

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