VTV Classics (r3): Richard Long at Haunch of Venison Berlin (2008)

British artist Richard Long is a pioneer of Land and Conceptual art. Richard Long is widely recognized as one of the most important artists to have emerged since the 1960s. Long is the only artist to have been short-listed four times for the Turner Prize. He was nominated in 1984, 1987 and 1988, and then won the award in 1989 for White Water Line.

Richard Long was born in Bristol in 1945. His work typically is made of nature based materials such as earth, rock, mud, and stone. In exhibitions his work is typically displayed with the materials or through documentary photographs of his performances and experiences.

Haunch of Venison Berlin presents a solo exhibition with two large semi-circular works by Richard Long: A sculpture in local stone on the floor and a drawing in river Avon mud on the wall. On the gallery mezzanine Richard Long shows a selection of new driftwood works and a new group of prints based on his own handprint.

VTV Classics (r3): Richard Long at Haunch of Venison Berlin (2008) is the 68th episode in our VTV Classics (r3) series. VTV Classics (r3) highlights the treasures of VernissageTV’s huge archive. Back then published in Standard Definition, these classics are now re-mastered, re-edited and reissued in High Definition.

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VTV Classics (r3): Richard Long at Haunch of Venison Berlin (2008). Opening reception, Berlin (Germany), June 14, 2008.

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