Fiat Lux: Jenny Holzer, James Turrell, Richard Long et al. / Ruzicska Salzburg

The exhibition Fiat Lux at the gallery Ruzicska in Salzburg, Austria, gathers works that deal with light by Jenny Holzer (“Four Corners: Truisms, Living” and “Torso”), Brigitte Kowanz (“Ad infinitum”, “Brightness”, “Remoteness” and “Vision”), François Morellet (“4 í  4 no. 3” and “Lunatique neonly – 16 quarts de cercle No. 6”), Maurizio Nannucci (“Listen to your eyes”), Keith Sonnier (“Ballroom Chandelier”), James Turrell (“Squat, Red”), and Richard Long (“Seeming lightness of light”). Impressions from the opening reception, Ruzicska Gallery, Salzburg / Austria, July 25, 2008.
PS: The monumental sculpture on display in front of the gallery is by AES+F.

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