Jahic/Roethlisberger: Music – A Conversation Through Song Titles / KBH.G Basel

After the success of their book project “Artists’ Recipes”, the artist duo Jahic/Roethlisberger launch a new project called “Music – A Conversation Through Song Titles”. For this project, Jahic/Roethlisberger have sent song titles to visual artists with the request to respond to it also in the form of song titles. What was initially a kind of ping-pong game with song titles just between Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger expanded into a conversation with artists all over the world. Among the artists that participated are Albert Oelen, Judith Bernstein, Alicja Kwade, Richard Deacon, Jeppe Hein, Superflex, Ryan Gander, Roger Ballen, Pedro Reyes, Claudia Comte, Subodh Gupta, Erwin Wurm, Jonathan Monk, Silvia Bächli, Tobias Rehberger, Gregor Hildebrandt and many more. Until November 14, 2021, the result of this project is on display at the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger (KBH.G) in Basel, Switzerland.

Jahic/Roethlisberger: Music – A Conversation Through Song Titles / KBH.G Basel. Media preview, Basel (Switzerland), September 9, 2021.

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