Interview with Sergio Buttiglieri, Style Director, Sanlorenzo Yacht

Sanlorenzo builds tailor-made motor yachts that are known for their outstanding exterior and interior design. With his holistic approach, Sanlorenzo’s Style Director Sergio Buttiglieri has given the yacht builder a unique design philosophy and connected it to the art world with its presence at the Art Basel shows in Basel, Hong Kong, Paris, and Miami Beach.

As part of the Sanlorenzo Arts platform, Sanlorenzo presented works by American artist Tony Lewis in the Art Basel Miami Beach Collectors Lounge this year. We had the chance to speak with Sergio Buttiglieri about Sanlorenzo’s engagement in the arts, and the design philosophy of the yacht builder. In this video Sergio Buttiglieri talks about the designers that work for Sanlorenzo, sustainability in yacht design, how the company evolved over the years, the customization process, and his personal and professional background.

Interview with Sergio Buttiglieri, Style Director, Sanlorenzo Yacht. Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2, 2022.

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