Refik Anadol: Glacier Dreams Basel

During the Art Basel 2023 week, the work Glacier Dreams by artist Refik Anadol was projected onto the facade of Theater Basel. Refik Anadol’s Glacier Dreams is a commissioned work inspired by the beauty and fragility of the world’s glaciers. It emerged from a long-term research project at the intersection of multisensory new media art, machine learning and environmental studies. For Glacier Dreams Refik Anadol processed visual material from online and institutional archives. This dataset, as well as additional personally collected glacier visualizations from Iceland, were processed using machine learning algorithms.

Refik Anadol was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1985. He earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Bilgi University in his home city and then moved to California. At his studio in Los Angeles, Anadol researches and develops approaches to data narratives. He also teaches at UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts.

Refik Anadol: Glacier Dreams Basel. Basel (Switzerland), June 17, 2023.

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Complete video (12:35 min.):


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