Nino Baumgartner: Tinguely Maneuver 2.0

As part of the Art Basel closing event Finally Saturday, Swiss artist Nino Baumgartner performed his piece Tinguely Maneuver 2.0. Tinguely Maneuver 2.0 took place in Jean Tinguely’s Fassnachts Fountain. It’s a further development of a performance from 2015. The otherwise hidden sound world of the moving Tinguely sculptures is transferred to the Theaterplatz. A choreography between machine, body and sound is created.

Nino Baumgartner was born in Bätterkinden in 1979. He currently lives and works in Berne. His artistic practice encompasses a variety of media, including performances, videos, prints and installations. He considers himself a kind of landscape painter, however without painting in the true sense of the word. His explorations of landscape and space are based on physical interactions that mobilize the aesthetics and body language specific to extreme and endurance sports. Baumgartner is particularly interested in the connection between nature and humans, and how our relationship with the environment influences our movement and mobility. Physical strength and the limits of bodily possibilities are the two aspects through which Baumgartner engages with the environment. Baumgartner studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern (2004-2007) followed by his Masters in Contemporary Art Practise at the HKB in Bern (2010-2012).

“Finally Saturday” is the name of the party happening by Art Basel Parcours, Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel, Museum Tinguely, Theater Basel, Verein Theaterplatz-Quartier and Bebbi Zine art magazine. The closing party of the Art Week offers art actions in the Mobile Forest, in the Carnival Fountain, in the Serra sculpture, on the theater façade and on the roof, as well as DJs and surprise performances in the foyer.

Finally Saturday: Nino Baumgartner: Tinguely Maneuver 2.0. Performance at Tinguely Brunnen, Theaterplatz Basel, June 17, 2023.

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