Biennale Bregaglia 2020

The Biennale Bregaglia is an art project around the church of Nossa Dona and the Lan Müraia dam near Promontogno in Bergell in Switzerland, not far from St. Moritz. For the first edition of the Bregaglia Biennial, artistic director Luciano Fasciati and assistant curators Francine Bernasconi and Sarah Wiesendanger have invited renowned Swiss artists from the country’s four language regions. These are: Selina Baumann, Nino Baumgartner, Alex Dorici, Sonja Feldmeier, Asi Föcker, Zilla Leutenegger, Noha Mokhtar & Lucas Uhlmann, Patrick Rohner, Roman Signer, Not Vital, and Anita Zumbühl.

The area where the Bregaglia 2020 Biennial is taking place is steeped in history. It has always been an important transit area, where architectural, archaeological, cultural-historical, linguistic and climatic strands come together, reaching deep into the past, but also containing current and future-oriented themes.

In their works conceived especially for the Biennale Bregaglia 2020, the selected artists deal with the specifics of the territory and its history. Artists have been selected whose works are inspired by the essential theme of being human and whose works question how being human is reflected in history, nature, landscape, science and language.

The Biennale Bregaglia runs until September 27, 2020.

Biennale Bregaglia 2020. Promontogno (Switzerland), August 22, 2020.

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Intro 1:14 Patrick Rohner: Die Natur kennt keine Katastrophen, 2020 1:51 Zilla Leutenegger: Guarda lontano, 2020 3:02 Sonja Feldmeier: Coming Home, 2020 4:12 Noha Mokhtar & Lucas Uhlmann: Banio, 2020 5:07 Asi Föcker: Fels, 2020 5:34 Roman Signer: Installation am Turm, 2020 7:05 Not Vital: Bale, 2018 7:51 Selina Baumann: Rupestre, 2020 8:24 Nino Baumgartner: Metabolistic Ruins, 2020 8:44 Alex Dorici: Arco geometrico, 2020 9:31 Anita Zumbühl: Nature Dub, 2020

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