Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust 002, 2023 / Art Basel Unlimited 2023

Official description: In Dust 002, Wu Chi-Tsung creates a captivating relationship between artist and viewer, technology and chance. A camera, installed in a darkened space, faces a projector positioned at the opposite end of the room. An object is suspended from the ceiling, partially blocking its light. Via live feed, the camera focuses on this suspended object and the halo affect created by the dust in the room. This image is then projected and magnified onto the wall behind the camera: as viewers move through the space, the disturbances their bodies create are also projected live.

Wu explores how we perceive the world through media and how technology changes our relationship to it. Dust 002 demonstrates our fundamental inability to perceive phenomena without, in turn, affecting them.

Wu Chi-Tsung (born 1981 in Taipei) works in a broad range of media including photography, video, installation, and painting, combining traditional and contemporary methodologies to explore perceptions of the physical and natural worlds. From an early age on, he trained in the practices of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese ink painting, watercolor, and drawing. Wu lives and works in Taipei.

Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust 002, 2023 / Art Basel Unlimited 2023. Basel (Switzerland), June 14,2023.

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