Mathis Pfäffli: Temporary Relations / Swiss Art Awards 2023

Swiss artist Mathis Pfäffli is one of the finalists of the Swiss Art Awards 2023. The piece he presented at the Swiss Art Awards exhibition during Art Basel 2023 is called “Temporary Relations (Zollikerstrasse 249)”. It’s made of glass, aluminum, plastic, reused steel tubes, collected glass vessels, lost things found somewhere in the gaps of the pavement, a tiny shell, flint stone, replica of an ancient figurine (toy?), parts of a heating system from an abandoned nursery, a small square stone (from an ancient Roman site), found devices, LED tube, and electrical wire. It’s a model of his studio at Zollikerstrasse 249 in Zürich.

Upcoming solo exhibitions include: Tracer: “Lucid Strolls”, solo exhibition, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels (opening September 2023); a solo exhibition at Saint-Martin Bookshop, Brussels (opening October 2023), and a group exhibition at Instituto Svizzero, Rome (opening October 2023). Mathis Pfäffli was born 1983 in Lucerne, he lives and works in Zürich.

Mathis Pfäffli: Temporary Relations Zollikerstrasse 249), 2023 / Swiss Art Awards 2023. Basel (Switzerland), June 12, 2023.

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