Rebecca Horn / Retrospective at Haus der Kunst, Munich

Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany, currently presents a major retrospective of German artist Rebecca Horn‘s oeuvre. Rebecca Horn’s expansive body of work, spanning six decades, explores the essence of existence and the convergence of nature, technology, and humanity. She identifies primarily as a choreographer, orchestrating intricate relationships between space, light, sound, and physicality. The exhibition “Rebecca Horn” at Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany, traces her journey from early works on paper to recent productions, emphasizing performativity. Incorporating elements from literature, art history, and film, her art encapsulates the fusion of humanity with machines, animals, and the Earth, offering a tangible experience of life through the body. Curated by Jana Baumann with Radia Soukni, the exhibition highlights Horn’s lifelong exploration of humanity’s evolving role in the world. The exhibition runs until October 13, 2024.

Rebecca Horn / Retrospective at Haus der Kunst, Munich (Germany), May 3, 2024. Extended exhibition walkthrough and introduction by Senior Curator Jana Baumann. (in German language).

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