Art Machines Machine Art / Museum Tinguely / Basel, Switzerland / part 2/2

“Art Machines Machine Art” (Kunstmaschinen Maschinenkunst) was jointly conceived and elaborated by Katharina Dohm of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and Heinz Stahlhut of the Museum Tinguely, Basel. The second part of our documentation shows works by Rebecca Horn (Die Preussische Brautmaschine), Roxy Paine (SCUMAK #2 Auto Sculpture Maker), Antoine Zgraggen (Der grosse Hammer), Angela Bulloch (Blue Horizon), Miltos Manetas (, LIA (I said if), Jean Tinguely and Martin Stiefel. The exhibition runs through June 29, 2008. There’s a catalog available in English and German (ISBN 9 783939 583400).
Museum Tinguely, Basel / Switzerland, March 17, 2008.

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