In the Desert of Modernity / House of World Cultures / Berlin

In the Desert of Modernity – Colonial Planning and After is an exhibition at the House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen der Welt) in Berlin, that focuses on the European modernization fantasies in colonial North Africa. The car-oriented city, the underground car park and other projects were intended as a blueprint for Europe’s metropolises, too.
The exhibition presents works of architecture and urban concepts and provides insight into the relationship and dependencies between the European modernity and colonialism.
The exhibition, curated by Tom Avermaete, Serhat Karakayali and Marion von Osten (artistic director) is accompanied by films (for example rarely shown films from archive in Paris, Rabat and Berlin), performances, talks, an international conference and more. In the Desert of Modernity runs until October 26, 2008.
Video by Lizza May David.

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