Luigi Colani: Translating Nature / Design Museum London / part 1/3

Luigi Colani: Translating Nature at the Design Museum London brings together Luigi Colani’s extraordinary large scale protoype designs including trucks, aircraft and cars. It is the first retrospective of Colani’s work in the UK, and the first exhibition to be commissioned under Deyan Sudjic’s directorship at the Design Museum. In her assessment of the exhibition on Building Design, Amanda Levete (partner at architect Future Systems) says: “If ever there was a show that demonstrated the significance and meaning of curation, this is it. Here, work of undisputed brilliance is shown through the eyes of others “” curator Albrecht Bangert and the designer of the exhibition, architect Nigel Coates.” Exhibition walkthrough with curator Dr. Albrecht Bangert. Introduction by Design Museum London Director Deyan Sudjic. Design Museum London, May 17, 2007. Part 1/3.

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