Peter Zumthor speaks about Museum Kolumba / Cologne / part 1/2

The distinguished Swiss architect Peter Zumthor (*1943) speaks about his experiences and the difficulties in planning and constructing the Museum Kolumba in the centre of Cologne. After Zumthor won the architecture prize in 1997 it continued up to now to realize this extraordinary project in which the ruins of the late Gothic church “St. Kolumba”, the chapel “Madonna in the Ruins” and the unique archaeological excavation are embedded. He reports on the long continuance to find a common agreement with the building owner, the see of Cologne. In the interview Peter Zumthor is also explaining the sharp distinction of the Museum Kolumba to what he calls: “Bilbao-Syndrome”. By Thom de Bock. PS: Very special thanks to Johannes Weuthen for the translation.

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