Thomas Schütte: Early Works / Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

The exhibition at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein focuses on Thomas Schütte’s lesser-known early works of the late 1970s, a period of time which for Thomas Schütte was a kind of “research phase” during which, as a student in Fritz Schwegler’s class, and later in Gerhard Richter’s painting class, he gradually made his way to sculpture: “As the student of a painter who could do everything, you couldn’t just paint anymore.” The exhibition, which runs from February 1 until April 20, 2008 was first on display at the Henry Moore Institute Leeds. This video contains statements by the curators Penelope Curtis (Leeds) and Christiane Meyer-Stoll (Liechtenstein). A remarkable catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibitions: Thomas Schütte / Frühe Arbeiten distributed by Cornerhouse.
PS: Article at by Melissa Gronlund.

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