Isaac Julien: Western Union – Small Boats / Helga de Alvear Gallery / Madrid, Spain

During our stay in Madrid we not only visited ARCO, Madrid’s international fair for contemporary art. We were also invited to take part of a gallery crawl, organized by the tourist offices of Spain and Madrid. Our first stop was Galerí­a Helga de Alvear where we saw Isaac Julien’s “Western Union: Small Boats”, an exhibition who’s topic is African migrants trying to enter Europe. Isaac Julien’s “Small Boats” is the final part in a trilogy of audiovisual installations opening with “True North” (2004) and continued with “Fantí´me Afrique” (2005). The exhibition runs until March 15, 2008. Talking with our group of journalists from all parts of the world, Helga de Alvear finds clear words about gallery work and ARCO’s strategy. Galerí­a Helga de Alvear, February 15, 2008.

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