Casting VernissageTV Open Space for Christian Jankowski’s Kunstmarkt TV

This is the recording of a casting for German artist Christian Jankowski’s “Kunstmarkt TV” (Art Market TV) with the German actor Georg B. Lenzen. The German artist developed a work for our online TV studio in the Open Space sector of Art Cologne 2008, which brings together live and interactive teleshopping and art. Two professional shopping channel hosts, Khadra Sufi and John Dalke, present and sell artworks by Jeff Koons, Franz West and others. This performance and the recordings of it form the basis for Christian Jankowski’s artwork “Kunstmarkt TV” (Art Market TV).

Casting VernissageTV Open Space Jankowski. Cologne (Germany), April 3, 2008.

— Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

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