Tobias Rehberger: the chicken-and-egg-no-problem wall-painting / Museum Ludwig, Cologne / Germany

With the installation “the chicken-and-egg-no-problem” wall-painting at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, German artist Tobias Rehberger presents some 40 works from 15 years of creative production. Spread along 70 meters the visitors to the exhibition encounters Tobias Rehberger’s paper flowers, his “vase portraits”, lamps made of Velcro tape, objects made of Perspex, “videolibraries”, chairs reminiscent of designer classics, limbs mounted on plinths. Lit by spotlights, the works all cast their shadows onto the white wall facing them, merging with the paintings on the wall and forming a mural made of light, shadows and color. “What was there first: the chicken or the egg? Tobias Rehberger’s wall painting cannot be imagined without his sculptures, just as the egg is impossible without the chicken. But: is a three-dimensional work conceivable without a two-dimensional sketch? Is a chicken possible without an egg? What came first? Rehberger’s sculptural work and its shadow image confront one another like the chicken and the egg.” (from the PR). Tobias Rehberger was born 1966 in Esslingen, Germany. He studied from 1987 to 1992 under Thomas Bayrle and Martin Kippenberger at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, where he currently teaches. The exhibition has been taken on from the Stedelijk Museum CS in Amsterdam. At Museum Ludwig, the exhibition “the chicken-and-egg-no-problem” wall-painting (“Das-kein-Henne-Ei-Problem”-Wandmalerei) runs until September 21, 2008.

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