VTV Classics (r3): Mona Hatoum: Interior Landscape (2009)

As one of the many collateral events of the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2009, The Fondazione Querini Stampalia presented a major solo exhibition with new works by Mona Hatoum. The exhibition was entitled Interior Landscape and took place over two floors of the museum – both in the contemporary exhibition spaces as well as within the existing Museum collection in this historic building, formerly the home of the Querini Stampalia family. Mona Hatoum: Interior Landscape featured over 25 works, including Hot Spot III, a metal globe with its continents outlined in glowing red neon. Hatoum also made a number of interventions in the museum collection using the furniture as the container or frame for some new ideas and some existing works. This is a remastered and re-edited version of VernissageTV’s original documentation of the exhibition as part of VernissageTV’s Classics series.

Our series r3 highlights the treasures of VernissageTV’s huge archive. R3 is a series of VernissageTV classics, now re-mastered, re-edited and reissued in High Definition. Click here for the complete list of videos. Click here for the original post.

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