Carlos Cruz-Diez: Translucent Chromointerferent Environment / Art Basel 2018 Unlimited

Translucent Chromointerferent Environment, 1974/2009 is an immersive and interactive artwork by Carlos Cruz-Diez. Carlos Cruz-Diez conceived it in 2009 as part of his extensive research Chromointerferent Environment that he begun in 1974. The installation has never been shown to the public before.

“The Translucent Chromointerferent Environment adds a new aspect to Carlos Cruz-Diez’s research, as it creates a mazelike path around the projection area. While entering the perimeter zone, the spectator is intrigued by the Chinese shadows-like projection on the translucent screens. The artist thus widens the scope of the chromatic experience by establishing a new dialogue between the spectators and the artwork from one side to the other of the screens.

Echoing the Deconditioning Labyrinth (1965) in which Carlos Cruz-Diez first envisioned the chromatic environments, the Translucent Chromointerferent Environment was designed to explore the the autonomous and ever-changing nature of color and establish a new dialectic between the viewer and the work of art.” (info text)

Carlos Cruz-Diez: Translucent Chromointerferent Environment, presented by Galeria Raquel Arnaud / Art Basel 2018 Unlimited. Basel (Switzerland), June 12, 2018.

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In my works, color appears and disappears during the course of a dialogue with real space and time. What also emerges is the undeniable fact that the information we have acquired and the knowledge we have memorized throughout our lifetime are, probably, not true… at least to some extent. When we view color through an “elementary prism” that has been stripped of pre-existing meanings, it can awaken other sensory perception mechanisms that are more subtle and complex than those that have been ingrained in us by our cultural conditioning and the constant, ubiquitous barrage of information we face in our contemporary society. The Translucent Chromointerferent Environment is an evolving work; it is an aerial projection of moving lattices of light, in such a way that everything is transfigured, everything loses its materiality, and we become, simultaneously, authors and actors. It is a double dialogue of transfiguration where everything that was static turns to motion.’ – Carlos Cruz-Diez

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