Carlos Cruz-Diez: Environnement Chromointerférent, Paris 1974/2018 / Art Basel 2023 Unlimited

Environnement Chromointerférent by Carlos CruzDiez is an immersive, participatory environment that reveals the changeable, ambiguous nature of color. The projection, which remains in constant motion, renders both the spectators and objects transparent as they virtually change shape. Viewers take on the dual role of ‘actors’ and ‘authors’ of this chromatic event that unfolds in real space and time. When staring at shadows on the walls, the spectator has the sensation of moving in the opposite direction to the lines of colors, resulting in a dialogue between the ‘variable’ of the chromatic interferences and the ‘constant’ of the shadows on the wall.

Carlos Cruz-Diez (born 1923 in Caracas, Venezuela; died 2019 in Paris) was a pioneer of contemporary art and renowned for his contributions to the theory of color. Cruz-Diez proposed color as an autonomous and evolving reality that takes place in space and time, without anecdotes or references, in a continuous present.

Carlos Cruz-Diez: Environnement Chromointerférent, Paris 1974/2018 / ART Basel 2023 Unlimited. Basel (Switzerland), June 14, 2023.

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