Gasträume – Public Art in Zurich 2020

Since 2010, together with local galleries, institutions and artist-run spaces, the Work Group for Art in Public Spaces (AG KiöR) in Zürich (Switzerland) has been organizing an exhibition format that makes contemporary art visible in everyday life. Called “Gasträume”, the project provides space, selects the artworks and presents them in the urban space during the months of summer. It’s a great way to experience contemporary art, but also the city’s rapid urban development. This year, artworks are on display at 15 sites in the city center, Zürich West, and Altstetten.

The artists participating in Gasträume 2020 are: Michael Sailstorfer, Corina Rüegg, Jacobo Castellano, Fiona Könz & Gregor Vogel, Jorge Macchi, Peter Baracchi, Ugo Rondinone, Nicola Genovese, Ralph Bürgin, Walter Pfeiffer, Aldo Mozzini, Ronja Römmelt, Estela Sokol, Lithic Alliance, and Una Szeemann.

Gasträume – Kunst auf Zürichs öffentlichen Plätzen (Public Art in Zurich) 2020. Zurich (Switzerland), July 4, 2020.

00:00 Lithic Alliance 01:20 Ralph Bürgin 02:12 Michael Sailstorfer 02:58 Ugo Rondinone 04:00 Una Szeemann 04:45 Jacobo Castellano 05:42 Walter Pfeiffer 06:30 Nicola Genovese 07:22 Aldo Mozzini 07:58 Jorge Macchi 08:30 Estela Sokol

More public art in Zurich:

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