Kader Attia: Remembering the Future / Kunsthaus Zürich

‘Remembering the Future’ at Kunsthaus Zürich is Kader Attia’s first exhibition in German-speaking Switzerland. The solo show comprises a total of 38 artworks. At the centre of the exhibition is the new video installation ‘The Object’s Interlacing’ (2020), which Attia has created specially for the Kunsthaus Zürich. In it, he addresses the much-debated topical issue of ‘restitution’ of non-Western, especially African artefacts. The work is an attempt to delve deeper into this complex subject. It includes the voices of historians, philosophers, activists, psychoanalysts and economists. The show runs until November 15, 2020.

Kader Attia was born in 1970 to Algerian parents in a suburb north of Paris. Now working in Berlin and Paris, he draws on the experience of living in two cultures as the basis for his artistic practice.

Kader Attia: Remembering the Future / Kunsthaus Zürich. Press Preview, Zürich (Switzerland), August 20, 2020.

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Room 1: Collages and research, sculpture “Indépendance Tchao” (2014)
Room 2: Structural violence and the black body: “The Body’s Legacies: Th Post-Colonial Body” (2018), installation “La Mer Morte” (2015)
Room 3: Museology
Room 4: Video installation “Les entrelacs de l’objet” (2020)
Room 5 + 6: Injury and repair, “Culture, Another Nature Repaired” (2014-20)
Room 7: Injury and repair, installation “Untitled” (2020).

Complete video (16:50 min.):

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