Art Môtiers – Art en plein air 2021

For the eighth time since 1985, the exhibition Môtiers – Art en plein air presents contemporary art in the middle of nature. Môtiers in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel is located near the French border in the Val-de-Travers. The valley is characterized by the watch industry, but is also famous for the production (banned until 2005) of the “Green Fairy,” absinthe schnapps. In Môtiers, the main town of the valley, lived the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau from 1762 to 1765. For almost 300 years until 1986, asphalt was mined in the Val-de-Travers and exported all over the world. The landscape of the Val-de-Travers is characterized by fir forests, rugged limestone formations, Jura heights and nature reserves.

Many of the artists selected by a jury refer to the history of the region and show artworks that allude to Rousseau, absinthe, watchmaking, asphalt or the Jura landscape with its waterfall, cave and streams. As with previous exhibitions, Môtiers 2021 features both young and experienced, famous and lesser-known artists. There are 47 artworks on display at 2021, including works by Ben Vautier, Claudia Comte, Roman Signer, John Armleder, Olivier Mosset and Urs Lüthi. The exhibition will be on display until September 20, 2021.

Art Môtiers – Art en plein air 2021. August 10, 2021.

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