VernissageTV’s Top Ten Videos of 2022

If you wanted to show what humanity is capable of (both good and bad) based on the events of one year: 2022 would not be a bad choice. Fortunately, 2022 was a great year for VernissageTV: It was finally possible to do more than in the Corona years of 2020 and 2021. We were able to report on exciting exhibitions, conduct interesting interviews, meet nice people and make new friends. We were able to provide filmmakers and TV stations with footage from our archive and we were allowed to produce films for museums, galleries and art fairs. We are lucky to experience so much support. We create for an audience that appreciates our films and supports us with encouragement, intelligent comments and even with donations. A heartfelt thank you to all. We wish everyone happy holidays and a happy, successful and peaceful new year.

Ah, one more thing: Just like at the end of every year we had a look at what are the most popular videos in 2022. Well, here they are, the most popular videos on our YouTube channel in 2022:

  1. Venice Art Biennale 2022: The Milk of Dreams / Arsenale
  2. Anselm Kiefer at Palazzo Ducale, Venezia
  3. Venice Art Biennale 2022: The Milk of Dreams / Giardini
  4. Art Basel 2022
  5. Simone Leigh: Sovereignty /Pavilion of the USA at Venice Art Biennale 2022
  6. Art Basel Miami Beach 2022
  7. Yunchul Kim: Pavilion of Korea at Venice Art Biennale 2022
  8. Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale 2022
  9. Art Basel 2022 Unlimited
  10. Anna Uddenberg: Fake-Estate / Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

And here are the Top Ten 2022 as YouTube playlist:

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