Performance by Mirjam Spoolder / Under Construction Group Show at FABRIKculture Hégenheim

The exhibition “Under Construction“, which took place from July 9 to August 13 at the FABRIKculture in Hégenheim, was conceived as a ‘work in progress’ and a tribute to the Filature, the former production hall of a textile factory in Hégenheim. It served as an experiment in collaboration between four women artists in drawing-painting, textile-fabric, and performance.

Gerda Maise, Helen von Burg, Mirjam Spoolder and Patricia Wespisser are four artists who have been exploring the connection between art, design, spatial situations, interventions and performance for decades. During five ‘working weeks’ the four artists gave insight into the state of affairs of their interventions.

For the closing event, the Finissage of the exhibition, Mirjam Spoolder conceived a performance, which we document in this video.

Performance by Mirjam Spoolder / Under Construction Group Show at FABRIKculture Hégenheim. Hégenheim (France), August 13, 2023.

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Full-length video (14:35 min.):

Mirjam Spoolder (*1974 in Nieuw-Heeten, NL) lives and works since 2007 as an artist in Basel, Switzerland. Spoolder stu­died sculpture at the Academy for Art and Design AKI/ARTEZ in Enschede, and Stage-Management at Rotterdam Centre for Theatre RCTH in Rotterdam, both in the Netherlands. At the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW/HGK in Basel, she earned her Master in Fine Arts with the emphasis in Perfor­mance Art.

Mirjam Spoolders diverse experiences in fashion, art and theatre, play an important role in her work. The multifaceted approach of Mirjam Spoolder takes a charged, metamorphic and interdisciplinary shape. Spoolder is interested in the way we communicate through clothes, how we deal with fashion and how we respond to it in our multi-cultural society with his huge diversities. In her artistic work, she questions the cultural-political dimension of fashion. Fashion as a belief is manifested through clothing. Her artistic activities can be described as a tension between visual- and performing arts. Her work is situated in an interdisciplinary field, collaborating with various disciplines. Where the choice of the textile, the material is at forefront.

In 2014, she was involved in 14 Rooms at ART Basel, with participating in the performances from Marina Abramovic and Joan Jonas. Curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. In the same year, she was awarded with a grand from Atelier Mondial and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, to spend six months in New-Delhi, India. Since 2016 she works as a teacher and coordinator Textile Design (BA + MA) at La HEAR, Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Mulhouse, France.

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