Under Construction Group Show at FABRIKculture Hégenheim / Finissage

The exhibition “Under Construction“, which took place from July 9 to August 13 at the FABRIKculture in Hégenheim, France (near Basel, Switzerland), was conceived as a ‘work in progress’ and a tribute to the Filature, the former production hall of a textile factory in Hégenheim.

It served as an experiment in collaboration between four women artists in drawing-painting, textile-fabric, and performance. Gerda Maise, Helen von Burg, Mirjam Spoolder and Patricia Wespisser are four artists who have been exploring the connection between art, design, spatial situations, interventions and performance for decades.

During five ‘working weeks’ the four artists gave insight into the state of affairs of their interventions. In this video, we attend the Finissage to show you how the final exhibition looks like.

Under Construction Group Show at FABRIKculture Hégenheim / Finissage, August 13, 2023.

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