VernissageTV Magazine No. 49,5: It’s Less Time!

Out now: VernissageTV Magazine No. 49,5 January 2022: It’s less time! This is a special edition issue, featuring the latest work of French art collective “Les Innombrables”. Every year, ArtReview magazine ranks the most influential people in art. Founded in 1949, ArtReview is an international contemporary art magazine. ArtReview publishes nine issues a year, including the Power 100 in the December issue. In 2021, the list is headed not by a human being, but a Non-Human Entity: ERC-721, the specification for the “non- fungible token”.

Art magazine Hyperallergic has a complementary list, the 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World. As portraying the Power 100 was so much fun, the artist collective “Les Innombrables” gave the Powerless 20 the same treatment. Again, they used the web application “Dream by Wombo“ to depict the 20 most non-influential people in art. Is this the future of art? Who really cares.

The portrait series begins with number 1, the Osage Nation and Sale of Ancient Cave Art, and ends with number 20, New York Chinatown Community and Activists.

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