Production / A Day in the Foundry: Marco Schuler: Couple Sculptures

In this video we join German artist Marco Schuler supervising the production of his latest body of work, the sculpture series Couple Sculptures at a foundry near his studio in the southwest of Germany. The video shows how the original forms, which Schuler created using styrofoam, are being cast in aluminum, and also the final artworks.

The mystery of human existance is the subject matter of the work of German artist Marco Schuler, investigating it by using various forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, video, and painting, in a both playful and serious way. A basic characteristic of his work is playing with opposites, high and low culture, the sacred and the profane, aggression and endearment.

His new body of work, the couple series, is a good example for this approach. The couple sculptures have their origin in cheap styrofoam, which the artist has used to show the relationsship between man and animal, man and woman, wizard and dwarf, man and machine, life and death. Cast in aluminum, the illustrate the humor, livelynes, but also the grotesque and mysteriousness of life.

Production / A Day in the Foundry: Marco Schuler: Couple Sculptures. July 7, 2013.

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Marco Schuler: Sculptures

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