Marco Schuler: Orbi / Schlossberg Staufen

In 2012, the German artist Marco Schuler created a monumental wooden object for Mount Belchen in the Black Forest in Germany. Thanks to the mediation of the Gallery Fluchtstab (Elmar Bernauer) and the courtesy of the property owners, the sculpture is now on loan to the city of Staufen (Breisgau, Germany) on the Schlossberg of the city. The five meter high tower-like object was installed halfway to the city castle. On 28 September, the sculpture was handed over to the city in the presence of Mayor Michael Benitz and art historian Dr. Markus Ewel. Marco Schuler says of his work: “Like an inaccessible guard house, the sculpture will stand in front of the pedestrian on the way to the castle. Seen from above, the angular giant will look like a friendly childlike box looking in all four directions. So: “Keep your eyes open in all four directions, stay open and free upwards, have your point of view, direct your gaze to what is beautiful and good, and keep the secret that you are!

Marco Schuler: Orbi / Schlossberg Staufen. Vernissage, September 28, 2019.

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